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Gene Editing

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Defying conventional wisdom to find new therapeutic opportunities

In the last two decades, we have witnessed spectacular progress in gene editing technologies. The ingenuity encoded in the natural microbial world continues to surprise us with every new discovery. Our challenge now is to harness them into therapies that deliver real-world benefits.
first demonstration of CRISPR in mammalian cells
active clinical trials for CRISPR and next-generation gene editing therapies now
Beyond catalogues and databanks

Discovering and designing next-generation gene editors

Superior data for superior insight
Average 80kb
per contiguous assembly
for full-length CRISPR arrays and whole phage genome integrations
Graph machine learning-based
to identify unannotatable proteins
Rapid, in silico
candidate selection
to dramatically reduce laboratory screening time and costs
We systematically map the planet's genomes, proteins and in situ environmental and chemical conditions. Through this biodiscovery process, we help our partners draw on vastly more natural starting points and genomic insights to design diverse gene editing systems that can open up novel therapeutic avenues.

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Superior insight from superior diversity

Expanding the repertoire of recombinases by 30x for large human genome insertions

Moving beyond edits, recent discoveries have enabled ‘gene writing’ technology, that is the insertion of large DNA ‘cargos’ into host genomes. One phage system that accomplishes this is mediated by large serine recombinases (LSRs).

Using our purpose-built knowledge graph, we uncovered orders of magnitude more LSRs compared to public data. Crucially, this enabled us to map novel LSRs to over 20,000 integration sites in cis, which is key in utilising this system for therapeutic applications.
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IP ownership

Gain freedom to operate with more diverse gene editors from nature

Bespoke solutions

Match the best gene editing components to your target indications

Access to novelty

Rapidly ideate across nucleases, RTs, recombinases, and more

Partner with us

See how we can help with your target enzymes and applications

We partner with people all across the bioeconomy, including agritech, food, API manufacture, cosmetics & more.

So whether you're a synthetic biologist developing living therapeutics, a metabolic engineer enhancing biofuel production, or an enzymologist designing biocatalysts for bioplastics, give us a shout!
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Rooted in Access and Benefit Sharing

Future-proofed data collection

At the heart of our biodiscovery process is a our commitment to Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS). ABS is a cornerstone principle of the Convention on Biological Diversity and its Nagoya Protocol, which seeks to ensure fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from the utilisation of genetic resources.

We're building a robust model for long term biodiversity protection through our global sampling partnerships. Each of our samples is collected in compliance with the Nagoya Protocol and with pre-negotiated permission to commercialise with our industry partners. Our aim is to create a world where industrial innovation protects, supports and revitalises our natural biodiversity.
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