We use natural discovery to power design

From nature, for biotechnology

We believe that the solutions to humanity's greatest challenges are hidden in nature all around the world. We are working hard with scientists and researchers to learn from nature and build a cleaner, greener and more sustainable future for all.

At Basecamp Research, we facilitate innovative solutions by discovering and designing novel, annotated and ethically sourced proteins for all sectors of the bioeconomy, from agriculture and nutrition to materials and pharmaceuticals.


Sample collected here

Our map of the environmental metagenome

We are building the most diverse dataset of labelled genomes from around the world as a platform for ML-driven protein design.


We explore diverse, under-sampled environments to bring you genomes that are validated by evolution but not yet known.

Explore new areas


We use the latest data science techniques to comprehensively annotate our sequences and find exactly what you need.

Search creatively


Each of our sequences is fully compliant with national and international regulations, with full traceability to the original source.

Discover the right way

Seek out diversity beyond homology

Functional annotations

Structural annotations

Clusters & genomic context

Taxonomic preferences

Environmental metadata

and more...

Our platform, built upon our discovery from around the globe, allows you to broaden your horizons in protein sequence space whilst prioritising the features that you are looking for.

Working with the best

We are proud to be helping the world's most innovative companies and researchers unlock new solutions to humanity’s greatest challenges.

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