Design Market-leading proteins Using nature's hidden rules

We help R&D teams take more shots on goal with better starting points, more efficient screening, and faster sequence optimisation.
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In silico function prediction

Generate novel IP for your product pipeline

Do you have too few starting points with freedom-to-operate? Is your candidate pool is too large to screen? Have you exhausted all other engineering approaches?

R&D leaders and protein engineers come to us when they have a product specification in mind, but are struggling to develop a matching protein. We can help.

FTSE150 pharma manufacturer

Our customer struggled to manufacture a desired chemical at scale, via either conventional or enzymatic methods. They exhausted all known enzyme sequences after >5 rounds of engineering.

In one week, we identified a successful enzyme that would have never been tested otherwise (ranked #760 with conventional prioritisation).

Venture-backed biotech

Our customer had far too many candidates to physically screen. Existing methods of protein function prediction could not discriminate the desired substrate specificity from the generic protein class.

We eliminated 99.8% of the broad candidate pool within 4 weeks, selecting 30 proteins with the best functional match to be tested.

Global top 5 nutrition company

Our customer needed a step-change in protein performance to increase their market share. There's only four known proteins from nature in existence. Regular computational or AI companies can only evolve from these existing four.

Our knowledge graph predicted entirely novel proteins with superior performance, allowing our customer to resume this product line optimisation.
Our pledge to biodiversity

Future-proofed data collection

We're building a robust model for long term biodiversity protection through our global sampling partnerships. Every sample we collect is compliant with the United Nation's Nagoya Protocol, which removes your risk of infringing national and international biodiversity laws.
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