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Working with biotech, for nature

Nature forms the basis of innovation across biotechnology. Around the world, scientists and researchers are working hard to learn from nature to build a cleaner, greener and more sustainable future for all.

At Basecamp Research, we facilitate this by supplying novel, annotated and ethically sourced protein sequence space for all sectors of the bioeconomy, from agriculture and nutrition to materials and pharmaceuticals.


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Working with the best

We are proud to be working with some of our planet's greatest biodiversity reserves on a mission to

discover, understand and find value in

their biodiversity. Through this, they are contributing to the search for new, sustainable solutions to humanity’s greatest challenges.

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Our unique data resource

Our purpose built knowledge graph facilitates the latest in silico analysis and learning techniques. Combining this with full data traceability from "permit to product" makes our data infrastructure crucial for the next generation of innovation across biotechnology.


We explore the ends of the earth to bring you proteins that are validated by nature but not yet known to science.

Explore new areas


We use the latest data science techniques to annotate all features in our protein sequences and find exactly what you need.

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Each of our sequences is fully compliant with national and international regulations, with full traceability to the original source.

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