Discovering biodiversity together

Meet Basecamp Research

We provide biodiversity guardians with a fair & equitable way to share their environmental genomic data with biotechnology innovators.

Biodiversity Guardians

Protecting our natural world

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Vast new protein sequence space, fully annotated & ethically sourced

Investing, learning &
sharing the benefits

Biotechnology Innovators

Building a sustainable future


Proteins from nature, for biotech

We are building the most diverse dataset of ground-truth proteins as a platform for machine learning-driven protein design.

Sample collected here

For biodiversity guardians

Work with us to see how metagenomic DNA technologies can help you unlock the undiscovered.

Protect our natural world


For biotechnology innovators

Access vast amounts of
novel, fully annotated and ethically sourced protein sequence space from nature.

Build a sustainable future


We're an international team of biologists, data scientists and explorers united by a sense of adventure and the belief that nature has already designed the solutions to our planet's greatest challenges – we just have to go out and discover them!