International Explorers Programme

Basecamp Research is looking to collaborate with expeditions, researchers and remote science initiatives to map the most inaccessible microbial communities across the globe
Calling on all expeditionists across the globe

Apply for sponsorship to collect samples that will contribute to the world's most comprehensive map of microbial diversity

Basecamp Research is calling on expeditionists that are planning to access remote corners of the world to join our mission to map the world’s microbial diversity by applying for sponsorship to collect environmental samples (eg. soil, seawater, air) during your expedition. By doing so, we are creating a record of the microbial DNA in underexplored regions, whilst also discovering novel enzymes from nature for potential commercial applications.
This Programme aims to add another layer of impact to your expedition by providing a map of the previously unseen microbial diversity of your expedition route.

Why is sampling microbes important?
While often unseen, microbes are ubiquitous across the planet and act as an incredibly strong force in shaping planetary ecosystems and climate. By mapping microbial diversity across the globe, we are working to understand both the environmental functions that microbes carry out, and the adaptations that allow them to thrive across an extreme range of environments. These functions and adaptations can be repurposed to solve big global challenges, allowing us to design new foods, better medicines, and sustainable chemicals.

Learn more about the Programme and our current partners below.
Trio of icecap traversers


Ed Jackson, Darren Edwards and Dr Niall McCann each had accidents that left them with spinal cord injuries and disabilities unique to them — their expedition raised awareness of how outdoor adventure can help people recover their physical and mental health
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Co-Skipper of
Team Malizia

Will Harris

During the Ocean Race, Will has been collecting samples to map biodiversity data at remote ocean locations that have never been sampled before
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In more detail

Supporting your sampling from permit to equipment

Our sampling kits are small, lightweight and easy to use — we have kits designed for both terrestrial and marine sample collection.
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Basecamp Research is a biotechnology company looking to discover novel enzymes from nature for sustainable applications in the bioeconomy. A vital aspect of our work is ensuring all the necessary commercial research permissions are in place prior to collecting any samples.

We're building a robust model for long term biodiversity protection through our global sampling partnerships. Every sample we collect is compliant with the United Nation's Nagoya Protocol which include prior informed consent to conduct our work and the distribution of fair and equitable benefits. Basecamp Research will provide you support to ensure all the correct permits are in place prior to collaborating with your expedition.

We are particularly interested to hear from you if you are planning an expedition across oceans. Please feel free to write to us directly if you want to chat about our Programme more generally, such as the commercial aspects of our company or the permitting requirements of sampling.
Trio of icecap traversers


Ed Jackson, Darren Edwards and Dr Niall McCann each had accidents that left them with spinal cord injuries and a set of disabilities unique to them — their expedition will raise awareness of the powerful role that adventure and the outdoors can play in helping people recover their physical and mental health
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Renowned polar explorer

Børge Ousland

Børge is currently tracking the drastic declines of the world’s twenty largest ice caps by travelling across all of them
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Expeditions Map

We target our expeditions based on your requirements.

We know the exact geological and geochemical properties of the locations where various types of protein classes can be found. When you partner with us, we proactively find samples in places that we know will have a high hit rate for you.
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