Collaborate with us under the Nagoya Protocol

Our partners around the world collect and process environmental samples that serve as the basis of our commercial products. We do that under equitable benefit-sharing arrangements.

Together we can protect biodiversity.
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Expand your research capabilities

Generate more data to support your research and biodiversity monitoring goals

We work with nonprofits, academic institutions, government agencies, research institutes, and others that are engaged in biodiversity conservation work. We work through collaborations that include non-monetary benefits, such as equipment, training, data sharing, and monetary benefits, which includes up-front funding and royalties from successful commercialisation.
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Participating in COP15

Meet Bupe Mwambingu and Leif Christoffersen to discuss biodiversity collaborations that meet the Nagoya protocol principles.
Our pledge to biodiversity

Future-proofed data collection

Through Prior Informed Consent (PIC) combined with Access and Benefit-Sharing (ABS) agreements with Mutually Agreed Terms (MAT) combined with material transfer permits, we make sure that every sample we collect is done in compliance with national and international legal frameworks, and our proprietary knowledge graph database links permit to products.
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