Setting the partnering benchmark for ethical biodiscovery

Our partners around the world collaborate with us under the Nagoya Protocol of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity to collect and process environmental samples that serve as the basis of our commercial products.

Together, we can protect biodiversity at the global scale.
Leading by example

Basecamp Research and CENIBiot premiere film at COP28

Launched at COP28, our short film showcases our groundbreaking Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) collaboration with the CENIBiot National Centre for Biotechnology Innovations in Costa Rica.

Our local collaborators and stakeholders share their perspectives on the importance of partnership between biodiversity and biotechnology.
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Why work with Basecamp Research?

Generate more data to support your research and biodiversity monitoring goals

We work with nonprofits, academic institutions, government agencies, research institutes, and others that are engaged in biodiversity conservation work. We work through collaborations that include non-monetary benefits, such as equipment, training, data sharing, and monetary benefits, which includes up-front funding and royalties from successful commercialisation.
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Why work with Basecamp Research?

Global impact

Basecamp Research is at the very forefront of diplomacy, exploration and biotechnology. Through our Global Research Programme, we have built non-exclusive biodiversity partnerships spanning 23 countries: we help develop bioliteracy by providing local teams with the skills, technologies and platform required to discover, understand and generate income from their natural world.

Our aim is to understand the natural world's complexity in close collaboration with in-country partners.

Data insight

We provide local partners insight into the microbial communities within their protected areas to help with a vast array of research and conservation projects. Through our work, we hope to build a new value chain that values our planet’s biodiversity as the source of a new, cleaner, healthier and more sustainable future for all living things on Earth.

Read more about our partnerships below.
Ocean conservation

Heritage Malta

As part of our collaborative biodiversity agreement with Heritage Malta (HM), our DNA technologies have added to HM’s research and conservation capabilities to monitor marine ecosystems in response to anthropogenic influences.
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National research institute

CENIBiot, Costa Rica

Basecamp Research’s ABS collaboration with CENIBiot-CENAT aims to collaborate on metagenomic sampling to support biodiversity conservation and genetic resource commercialisation.
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Participating in COP15

Meet Bupe Mwambingu and Leif Christoffersen to discuss biodiversity collaborations that meet the Nagoya protocol principles.
Our pledge to biodiversity

A sustainable economic model

Our global collaboration system serves as a nexus linking biodiversity conservationists with biotechnology companies. By generating monetary value from biodiversity in a sustainable manner, we incentivise all parties to protect, conserve and restore nature.
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Our news

The latest on our biodiversity partnerships

Biodiversity Collaborations Support Biodiversity Conservation
Basecamp Research shares their experience in Access & Benefit Sharing in the ICC UK's 2024 Report "Trade for Prosperity - Delivering Sustainable Global Value Chains"
Basecamp Research’s Bupe Mwambingu joins SynBio Africa Scientific Advisory Board
Bupe, Biodiversity Partnerships Manager at Basecamp Research, has joined SynBio Africa as their newest Scientific Advisor.
Exploring the undiscovered potential of deep sea microbial ecosystems and establishing sustainable thresholds for their preservation
In October, our Ocean Research Lead, Emma Bolton, attended a 4-day Ocean Solution Accelerator, run by the incredible Leslie Smith from iDOOS (Implementing a Deep Ocean Observing Strategy).
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