Nature-inspired biodesign

We leverage our unprecedented knowledge of the natural world to create better food, better medicines and better products for the planet.
Understanding nature with AI

Discover and design proteins using nature's hidden rules

We partner with R&D scientists to develop proteins that meet their most challenging requirements in applications as broad as food, pharma, and bioremediation.

Having sampled from most extreme and extraordinary biomes on the planet, our knowledge graph of natural biodiversity is the largest in existence.

Work with us to tap into never before seen protein sequences, natural or generated by our proprietary machine learning methods.
How we work
Equitable benefit sharing

Supporting and valuing global biodiversity

We are on a mission to to make protecting and restoring biodiversity economically attractive in alignment with the Nagoya Protocol's Access and Benefit Sharing principles, as part of the United Nation's Convention on Biological Diversity.

We’ve already teamed up with on-the-ground partners in 5 continents, from national parks to farm owners, and we're continuing to reach out to new partners to expand our model for long-term biodiversity protection.
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Meet the team

We believe in the power of biology to change the world

We are Antarctic ice-divers and graph ML scientists. We'd love to meet you.
Biology meets cutting-edge data science

Capturing complex function in silico

Our sampling partnerships give you access to entirely new genetic biodiversity. For every metagenomic sample we take, we capture thousands of environmental, functional, and other datapoints.

This gives us the ability to computationally predict how proteins perform in the real world, like never before.
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